Star-K Systems

and its predecessor, Star-Kits Software, has been in continuous operation since 1979. We specialize in software and hardware for single-board and embedded systems using Motorola 68xx processors, such as the 6800, 6802, 6808, 6809, and 68000. We do support the Radio Shack Color Computer (the "CoCo"), but do not support the mass-market 68xxx computers such as the Macintosh, Amiga, or Atari.

Source Code

In the interest of supporting our long-time customers and friends, we are publishing some of our source code and documentation on the Web. Due to time constraints, we will concentrate first on those items that have been requested by users. Click here  to select.

68000/68010/68020 Products

6800 - 6809 Products

Educational Materials

MIDI Project

  • Circuitry and software to add  MIDI to an electronic organ

  • Links to other interesting 68xxx and embedded-computer sites.

    You may contact us at any of the following:

    Star-K Systems
    P. O. Box 91
    Orwell VT 05760

    Telephone: (802) 278-2039