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Ian P. Blythe
How to Live in France

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How to Live in France

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A practical guide to living in the South of France
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How to live in France. Update to e-book coming!
This document has been prompted by the experience of 
being an English expatriate, working in France. The contents
are my personal experience, or those of many of the other
expatriates here in this corner of France (the wonderful
Provence). As such this is a practical guide to living in
You may think, on reading this, that I am very negative 
about the French and their way of life. I am not. After all,
I have lived here for over seven years already, and cannot
see myself returning to the UK for some time.

My objective is to present all the potential trials and 
tribulations possible, so that you can be aware of these 
BEFORE you enjoy life in France. The French learn the way
of life from their parents and peers, but for a foreigner
there are many things which are not obvious... indeed, in
many cases, my family has learnt these things the hard way.

Words are but mine own, I speaketh not for another

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