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My Photos

Photography has been my hobby ever since I received my first camera as a Christmas present many years ago, a Kodak Instamatic. Then one of the first things I did when I left university and got a 'real' job was to go out and buy my favourite camera of all time, the fully manual 35mm SLR Pentax MX. Most of the photographs that I'm showing here were taken by my Pentax and then saved on a Kodak PhotoCD. Alas this camera disappeared in a burglary at my house in France. I've now got an all-singing all dancing Nikon 601 (6001 in the USA). At least this camera has a fully manual option too, although the point and click nature of the fully automatic mode makes it easier to concentrate on composition of the photograph rather than fiddling with f numbers and shutter speeds.

And so, on with the show! Ian's Favourite Personal Photos

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