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Ian P. Blythe
More about me!

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More about me!

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Born in London, England 9th May 1958, lived in the East End of London for 6 months then emigrated to Australia for next 3.5 years (living in Adelaide). My family moved to the North East of England soon after returning. I'm a naturalised Teessider! Attended Sir William Turner's Grammar School for boys, (Redcar, Teesside). Was Chief Librarian, Secretary to VIth Form Committee. Got 9 'O'-Levels and 4 'A' Levels which got me to University at Imperial College of Science and Technology, London, reading Physics in 1977.
Since then I've been a Student/Scientist in Physics; Soldier (Junior Under Officer Royal Artillery sub-unit, University of London Officer's Training Corp); Engineer designing the system architecture for a multiprocessor navigation computer for helicopters, also CRT display units for cockpit displays; a custom LCD, and my best design: a portable memory unit (RS232 I/O, 8x2K SRAMs with battery backup and CMOS logic state sequencer). Got to Senior Engineer in 5 years, then left to become a Salesman for a semiconductor company. Then I became an Applications Engineer, then a Product Marketer before I discovered a latent talent for Technical writing. I moved to the South of France in 1991 where I was Communications Manager, writing all the tech docs for 3 ranges of Microcontrollers. In this time I served on the factory Internal Communications Committee and sat on the Board of the Internet Task Force, responsible for introducing the internet and intranet into the company.
Since October 1997 I'm a Consultant, using my experiences to give services in Technical Writing, Web Design and Desktop Publishing and Training.

Words are but mine own, I speaketh not for another

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