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Ian P. Blythe

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More about me!

I've lived around the world and I've had a varied career.
Check out my personal pages if you'd like to find more about me,
   what I've done,
       where I've been,
             and what I'm up to now...

+++ FLEX User Group  
Forget the C:\ prompt! Real computing starts with +++
This is the home of the FLEX User Group.
Here you can learn more about the precursor to MS DOS.

How to Live in France?  
Living in France can be quite intimidating at first for a foreigner.
Here you will find excerpts from my forthcoming book on practical life in France.

My Photos  
Photography is one of my hobbies.
Check out some images from my photo collection.
Please don't steal them!



Words are but mine own, I speaketh not for another

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