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Ian Blythe's Homepage
These are links to 68xx and TSC FLEX web info, and to the current sites of FLEX software authors for what they are doing today.
If you visit any site not found in this list, or if any link is broken, please send me the details and I'll add them here.
  • Get the Acrobat Reader - Free download

  • The SWTPc Web site
    Michael Holley's superb archive of SWTPc information
    The original swtpc.com site is no longer active so it is archived here. http://www.swtpcemu.com/mholley/

  • Vintage Computing - This website focuses on early personal computers from the mid 70s into the early 80s. Here you'll find resources for restoring and maintaining many of the great computers and peripherals from this era including the SWTPC with FLEX support .

  • Bill Yakowenko's SWTPc site
    Lot's of information on SWTPc

  • 68xxx Products from Star-K Software Systems Corp.
    Peter Stark's site covering his 6809 FLEX 'clone' and his 68xxx work
    Star-K on the Wayback Machine. or locally at: http://www.flexusergroup.com/stark/

  • SWTPCemu - Emulator for 6800/6809 running FLEX/OS9/UniFLEX
    Michael Evenson's Emulator web site. A source of 680x related materials and emulators. Lots of .dsk files

  • Kees Schoenmakers UniFLEX Project
    Kees Schoenmakers UniFLEX Project complete with hardware design and mods to UniFLEX for memory protection.

  • Kees Schoenmakers FLEX Project
    Some spin-off items from the UniFLEX project for FLEX (r).

  • Roberto Sancho Villa's 6800 emulator + DOS68 + CP/68
    with disk images ready to run + some original cool progs restored from PDFs not available elsewere.

  • Adrianís Digital Basement
    utility for manipulating DOS68 disk images

  • memulator and Floppy Maintenance sources for linux
    Complete source code for memulator and FloppyMaintenance for linux. Requires Mono and MonoDevelop if compiling ubnder linux. It will also compile with Visual Studio 2019 for Windows. Might also work with Visual Studio 2019 or 2022 for Mac.

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