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Ian Blythe's Homepage

I've been asked by several new members who have discovered the Flex User Group homepages about how to join the group. As a result I've added this new page. There is no real way to join the group! All I've asked in the past is that I can use your e-mail address to send out the occasional newsletters, and also your demographic information so that I can get an idea of where you all are in the world. Also I'm planning to get a CD of FLEX software to all registered members of the group once the beta testing stage is over. However, if you'd like to join the group and be known to all the other group members, I'd recommend this:
  • E-mail m_i_c_hael.e_v_e_nson@f_l_e_xusergroup.com (me - remove underlines) with your demographic information
  • Send me your photo for the Members page
  • Join fufulist (see the fufulist List page)

Also if you've written any FLEX software that you'd be willing to release to the group:
  • Please send me an electronic copy of your software for the CD
  • Please send me a copyright release statement for the copyrights page


Copyright © 1998-2001 Ian P. Blythe on behalf of the FLEX User Group
Mailto: f_u_g@ipblythe.com (remove underlines from e-mail address - Say NO to UCE)