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Ian Blythe's Homepage
Circa 1982 I built a homebrew home computer based upon the new MC6809, it had 64K DRAM, 192K EPROM (128K paged in blocks of 16K), a serial port and a floppy controller. So I looked for a disk operating system.... I happened to pick up a copy of the '68 Micro Journal and found many references to FLEX. So I asked around, found a copy of FLEX, hacked it to my system and away I went! FLEX is a very flexible OS and it proved very easy to write programs for it and to test them without doing too much damage if there was a programming error.

Now, 16 years later I revived my FLEX system and wondered how many people were still using FLEX. So I sent a message to the comp.sys.6809 newsgroup and soon I started to get a lot of feedback! Over 50 people in the world (as found so far!) have joined with me in sharing the info and fun of using FLEX.

I've sent out 7 Newsletters so far, with another always in the works...
Here are the newsletters:

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