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Ian Blythe's Homepage
I am putting together a CD-ROM of all the FLEX software and the associated manuals that we can find. I will send a copy of this CD to all group members who have sent me their shipping address.

I'd intended to put this CD together last summer, but work pressures distracted me :( so this has been pushed back... I'm also still receiving more information to add to the CD, but I promise that I'll freeze the contents soon and send the CDs on their way. After all we can always create a second edition.

Why the CD? To collect all the available FLEX software and to archive it for the generations to come.

This page will provide the status for the CD, so check here before e-mailing me on the status. Contributors are included in brackets - thanks!

  • Dan Farnsworth library received (Dan Farnsworth and Ron Anderson)
  • FHL disk library received (Frank Hogg and Ron Anderson)
  • Leo Taylor disk library received (Leo Taylor and Michael Evenson)
  • MiniFLEX library received (Don Coates)
  • Windrush library received (Graham Trott)
  • various disks (Michael Evenson)
  • various disks (John Kent)
  • various disks (Bjarne Bäckström)
  • UK 68 Micro disk library (Dave Rumball)
Please keep the documentation and DSKs coming, the more the better!


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