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We all need to discuss topics relating to FLEX and this happens so often by private e-mails when the discussion could (and does) benefit all the group.
We are truly lucky then to had one of our group members, Bjarne Bäckström, who set up a private e-mail list for the use of the group members.
As of October 2001 unfortunately Bjarne has been unable to continue running the fufu-l server, but fortunately for the group Michael Evenson has come to the rescue with the offer to continue the service to FUG. The only difference to group members is that the address to send e-mails to the list and to subscribe/unsubscribe have changed.

Please use this list when you want to enter discussions with the group as a whole.

Details on how to subscribe are available here!  

Many thanks to Bjarne and Michael for providing this service to the group!

For your benefit and backup (and to encourage you to join the list), I have mirrored the digests for fufu-l here. Note these are in ZIP form for you to download and read at leisure off-line, also this prevents spam robots from extracting the e-mail addresses.


Copyright © 1998-2001 Ian P. Blythe on behalf of the FLEX User Group
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