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This page is where you will find all files for exchange within the group. Send these files to me for inclusion here, do NOT send them to fufu-l!
This page will include ORCAD files for the FLEX Hardware Project proposal.

  • sdump30.zip (176K) by Dave Appleton  NEW!
    W9x freeware hex file viewer (256 bytes/page - ideal for DSKs!)
  • fw09vhdl.zip (170K) by Flint Weller
    VHDL source for 6809E beta
  • PDF fwreport.pdf (31K) by Flint Weller
    Term report for 6809E beta VHDL source
  • xlate09.zip (46K) by Motorola Apps
    6809 to 68000 code converter, from Motorola BBS
  • tcj_sub.zip (305K) by Frank Wilson
    Frank's small 6809 board design and software
  • flexcor.zip (34K) by Technical Systems Consultants, Inc.
    FLEX core source for GIMIX machines

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