Subject: Flex'09 User Group Newsletter v1n03
Hello to all,

This is FLEX'09 User Group Newsletter, Volume 1, Number 3!
Dated 19970502, get used to the ISO date format folks, year 2000 is near!

Welcome to the new members!
And a special welcome to Ron Anderson, who has been waving the FLEX flag
for many years, in '68' Micro Journal and latterly in 'The Computer Journal'

First the boilerplate introduction:

My name is Ian Blythe and I am already known to several of you
with some private messages, however to those who have not heard
from me, I have picked your names from various sources as having 
a continuing interest in the TSC 6809 FLEX operating System.

This year is the 20th Birthday of Flex (1977-1997 - so let's join
together and share our knowledge and enthusiasm for Flex.

If you do not wish to be emailed in the future on this subject,
please let me know, otherwise I welcome your thoughts on this.


Let's have a logo!
I propose:      +++FLEX

Does anybody else have any ideas/suggestions?
Thanks to Christian Le Gal for suggesting we have a logo.

I said in the last newsletter that we should start to collect
6800 FLEX software. Well several of you have 6800 FLEX files
so how about collecting them all together and sending them
to me? I think UniFlex can stand by itself due to Randy
Lewis's Web site with all the UniFlex sources.

Does anyone have any stories of the history of the FLEX or the
software for FLEX?

The collection of FLEX software is progressing well, this is what
I have or have received already:

Title                             SW  DOC   stat
FLEX User Guide                   +    Y     -
FLEX Advanced Programmers Guide   +    Y    PDF
FLEX Utilities                    Y    Y    OCR
FLEX Debug                        Y    Y    OCR
FLEX Diagnostics                  Y    Y    OCR
FLEX Assembler (ASMB)             Y    Y    OCR
FLEX Relocating Assembler         Y    Y    PDF
FLEX Linking Loader               Y    Y    OCR
FLEX XBASIC                       Y    Y    OCR
FLEX Editor                       Y    Y     -
FLEX Sort/Merge                   Y    Y     -
FLEX Fortran 77                   Y    Y     -
Dynamite                          Y    Y    PDF
Autotask V4.0                     Y    Y     -
DynaCalc                          Y    Y     -
Introl C                          Y    Y     -
McCosh C                          Y    Y     -
Telecon Systems C                 Y    Y     -
CRASMB                            Y    Y    PDF
PL/9                              Y    Y    OCR
MACE                              Y    Y    OCR
XMACE                             Y    Y    OCR
ASM05                             Y    Y     -
Screditor III                     Y    Y     -
Stylograph                        Y    -     -
Stylograph Spelling Checker       Y    Y     -
Omegasoft Pascal                  -    -     - 
RMS                               Y    Y     -

SW   = I have a copy of the program
Doc  = I have a copy of the manual
stat = OCR, scanned, OCR'd and under checking
       PDF, available in Adobe PDF format
        - , in the queue to be scanned... or not got!
If anyone can supply me the missing parts I would be grateful, please
let me know by email. Also if you have anything that is *NOT* on this
list please also let me know and send me a copy!

Many thanks to Joel Setton, Pat Del Vecchio and Wolfgang Schwotzer for
their help in creating this list.

Files on the CD-ROM (and FTP) are intended to be available in the
following formats:
FLEX binary files
FLEX binary files in S1S9 format
FLEX source files in ASCII text, wherever possible.

In addition, FLEX files for the 6809 will be stored in FLEX Disk
images, as these are compatible with both Ben William's Win95 and
Amiga and Wolfgang Schwotzer's Linux/Unix emulators (see below).

Documentation will be in Adobe PDF in the original format where possible.

The manuals in PDF are available on request. Email me and specify if you
would prefer MIME- or uu- encoding. I will also PKZip the PDF before encoding.

I'm also proposing to put in PC, Unix and Mac utilities wherever possible
e.g. Cross-assemblers, disassemblers and simulators for the 6809.

Should we also put in schematics where allowed, e.g SS-50 and SS-30 cards?
... what format? scanned to PDF? maybe we should have a trial. Could
someone send me a copy of a schematic?

I've found some 6809 information on the web (the 6809 instruction set)
I'll try to get approval from Motorola for this, to put it on the CD.
Maybe we will also recreate the 6809/E datasheet in PDF!

I've also been receiving a lot of source code for FLEX utilities, I'll be
listing these in the next newsletter with credits to the authors.
If you have any code that you wish to share, please upload the text
source and send it to me by email!

I also have some files from the UK 68 Micro Group, are there any members left?
I was a member of this for 5 years up to 1989!

I've been trawling the web for CoCo stuff in the hope of finding some FLEX
users. It's amazing just how much is there and how well the Dragon/CoCo is
still supported. Nearly all the CoCo sites have OS/9 stuff, or pointers to
OS/9  material.  It's disappointing that FLEX has not been regarded in the
same way, but I suspect that this is  because  FLEX  was  designed  for  a 
multiplicity  of  systems,   while  the  Dragon/CoCo was a focal point for
support. (CoCo = Radio Shack Color Computer, also the Welsh Dragon 32/64,
 for those too young to remember them :)
Let's pull together and make a name for FLEX!

Oh and is anybody local to MIT? MIT's electronics and ham radio flea will
take place on the third Sunday of each month this summer, April thru
October. Buyers admission $4, $1 off if hard copy of the newsgroup article
from Steven L. Finberg in sci.electronics.misc (970417). I can send a copy
by email of just use dejanews and search (
If you go, please look out for any FLEX stuff!


From (c) Ben Williams:
>>Also would I be able to get your permission to put your FLEX emulators
>>onto the CD-ROM when it is ready?
>Yes, you have my permission. Let me know when you are closer and I'll
>give you the latest version. I have a number of enhancements in the
>application that have not yet been generally released.

Many thanks Ben, could you let us know when the new release is ready?

For those Win95/Amiga users:
  Complete Win95 Flex Emulator
 Complete Amiga Flex Emulator:
  (alas for Ben Win3.1 is dead, but not for me :(

From (c) Wolfgang Schwotzer:
>Would be nice if You would distribute flexemu on the CD too.
>At the time I am improving flexemu a little bit for V 1.0.
>(terminal only support, dynamically allocating I/O-devices,
>dynamically mount/unmount disk images or directories...)

Many thanks Wolfgang, especially for your help with the files and docs.

For those of you using Linux, SunOS 4.1.3 or Ultrix 4.4 (with GCC) get:

From (c) Ron Anderson:
>I would be happy to join.  Send me details.  I'll contribute software for
>your CD-ROM.  Most notably I would like to contribute my screen editor PAT.

Welcome on-board Ron, we'll be very happy to have PAT!

From (c) Dr. Reinert H. G. Mueller:
>Yes, I do have an old FLEX-system running. I do admit that I am not using
>it very often, but once in a while...
>It is a very complete Eltec EUROCOM II system, including different
>frame grabbers (one of them with a TMS 34010 processor), 8" floppies,
>5" floppies, 200 MByte harddisk with SCSI adapter, PAL-video-output,
>and so on...
>I think I'm interested in some discussion

And I think that many of us will be interested in your SCSI adaptor
and how you get more than 4 drives into FLEX...

This section will give details of all copyright clearances (ie public
domain status) of Flex software.

From (c) Robert Reimiller (OmegaSoft Pascal, now Certified Software)
>>In fact, if you have stopped selling the FLEX program so long ago,
>>would you consider releasing them to public domain (unsupported
>>of course)?
> I don't see any harm in that.

Many thanks Robert, now we just have to find a copy!

From (c) Graham Trott (ex-Windrush, now QuickShow -
>As far as releasing into public domain, I have no problem with this.
>You're welcome to the entire caboodle - if it can be found - MACE, XMACE,
>ASM05 and PL/9 

Many, many thanks Graham. As shown above we have the files, and what is
more we even have a copy of the source to PL/9!
For those who don't know, MACE is an editor/assembler for FLEX, an IDE
before they became fashionable ;)

From (c) John Snow (Whimsical)
>I would be happy for you to have whimsical in the archive.
>Do you need it on a FLEX diskette? It will be some time before I
>can get that for you as I am currently extending and renovating
>my house

Many thanks John, and good luck with the house! In the mean time,
does anybody else have a copy of Whimsical and its manual?

From (c) Chuck Eaker (Forth for Flex, CoCo)
>Any software that I wrote that you have in your possession may be freely
>distributed without restriction. I hereby place it in the public domain.
>This includes the Forth versions for FLEX (6800 and 6809) and the CoCo.

Many thanks Chuck, now does anybody have a copy of these Forths (and
the manuals)?

From (c) Richard Pennington (Introl C, Introl -
>If you can find a copy of Introl-C for FLEX I would be more than happy
>to release it so you can put it on the CD-ROM.
>Unfortunately, we seem to have lost all our copies :)
>P.S. I was actually the guy that originally wrote that beast.

Items wanted or available:
As seen in comp.sys.m6809, Mike McKenzie <>
is looking for GIMIX manuals. (copy to me as well please ;)

Ron Kneusel ( writes:
>I've a SWTPc 6809 system at home geared for UniFlex. I'd love to get
>FLEX running on it.  I even have a 5.25" controller and a bunch of FLEX
>disks but the monitor ROM won't boot anything but the 8" controller.

Could anyone help Ron out in this?

Next edition will include the list of FLEX utility software sources 
as promised, will your routines be there? Coming up soon!


Well that's the third newsletter. I appreciate all feedback and inputs.
As ever if you hear of any FLEX software or systems being junked or
scrapped, please save it for us. I am collecting as much as I can.
I'm always looking for manuals, any condition, photocopy or not, as long
as the copy is clean and can be scanned.

Best regards to all

Ian Blythe
+++Group (Coordinator)

Copyright (c) 1997 Ian P. Blythe.  All Rights Reserved.

This newsletter may be further distributed provided that it is copied
in its entirety, including the newsletter number at the top and the
copyright and contact information at the bottom.
words are but mine own, I speaketh not for another